Social Care, Welfare & Protection

Every Child matters managed to create a programme that put a national framework in place that ensured services joined up to help children across the country achieve the five outcomes set out in the policy.

The ten key elements of the national framework are:

  1. Local CYP directors appointed
  2. The Outcomes Framework
  3. The creation of a Children’s Commissioner
  4. Development of CAF
  5. A duty to ensure arrangements are made to safeguard the welfare of CYP
  6. The creation of The National Service Framework for CYP and Maternity Services
  7. Multi-agency cooperation to promote well-being of children
  8. Workforce reform
  9. Development of LSCBs to replace ACPCs
  10. Development of an inspection framework

The local authority and the services they supply are key in trying to improve the outcome for the most vulnerable in our society. Success was measured by closing the gap that existed between those most vulnerable and the majority of others.

Whilst the functions of The Children Act 1989 remained in place, the important factor was the change in how they were delivered, and it was a radical change. The Children Act 2004 ensured that local authorities had to work with agencies across the spectrum in order to deliver a service that helped children to develop.