Common Assessment Framework

To deliver frontline services that can help children and young people by focussing on their needs, the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) was developed. It has led to a standardised approach that can help to assess a child’s needs and how they should be met.

The CAF was introduced to give an effective early intervention program, which would identify additional needs across universal services. It provides a process that can give an assessment of a child’s needs and strengths, which also considers the roles of primary care givers and other factors in their development. From this the appropriate support will be given, across a platform of services who can then work together.

The CAF was trialled across the UK in 12 separate local areas, these trials were then evaluated by the University of East Anglia. After this evaluation two-thirds of local authorities introduced CAF as a means of assessment.

CAF training is vitally important and can help you to understand what the form does, and how it can help a child. Without this training you may miss a sign that a child is not happy, or a service partner may unfortunately miss a key bit of information to help a child. Ensuring that your CAF training is up to date can help to safeguard children in the future, and give everyone the best possible opportunity to make a child’s life better.